A shellfish bar and a seafood restaurant

We offer a wide range of shellfish and sumptuous seafood platters < with a large selection of oysters for sampling. In harmony with the seasons you can taste and savor Bouzigues or Marenne d”Oléron fines de clair (green) oysters, the renowned flat Belon oysters from Cancale or the tasty Gilardeau, Prat Ar Coum and Isigny de Normandie oysters.

You love oysters?

Depending on the season Sous les Micocouliers offers oyster-sampling combinations, trilogies that let you try several varieties, for example:

  • 2 Bouzigues or Fines de Clair oysters + 2 grade-3 Poget Papin oysters + 2 grade-3 Gilardeau oysters

  • or 2 Belon oysters + 2 Isigny oysters + 2 Prat Ar Coum oysters

Plenty for a feast and a way to compare the tastes of different varieties! You can also enjoy warm browned oysters with a reduced cremant emulsion in cream.

And a way to fill up on healthy iodine and natural sea salts, because oysters are a genuine source of natural benefits acclaimed by all nutritionists. High in protein and low in calories, fats and cholesterol, oysters contain generous amounts of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B9, B12, D3, A, E and even some vitamin C) as well as natural minerals (iron, selenium, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, potassium and fluoride) and the omega 3s. Because France has several long coastlines and a large oyster-farm network, oysters are a local product, enabling us to offer a wide variety of tastes.



Seafood platters to enjoy in situ or to take away

You might want a fuller seafood platter composed of varieties of oysters, crab, prawns and whelk. Sea urchins too if in season.