Tasty, home-made desserts

All our desserts are home-made except for the ice-cream which is locally craft-made.

Cheeses and desserts : 8€

A platter of farm-made cheeses from the region, mixed salad with olive oil
Almond tart with figs ans rosemary
Pear charlotte
Raspberry tart
Cracker chou with salty caramel cream
Poire pochée au vin rouge épicé dans son sirop
Pear poached in spicy red wine with syrop
Sorbet duo: lemon/basil and strawberries

Organic ice-creams and sorbets

Vanilla, Lemon, Mint/Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate
1 scoop: €3
2 scoops: €5
3 scoops: €7
Whipped cream: €1.50
Our ice-cream is made by our partner, Terre Adélice, based in the Ardêche region. Craft-made to the highest standards, their ice-creams and sorbets awaken in us all the magic and boldness of nature.
All their products are craft-made. Terre Adélice makes all their own puree from fresh fruit. Terre Adélice uses small-capacity machines to protect their products’ textural quality and to remain flexible enough to produce small quantities for special orders and more unusual flavors.
Terre Adélice also makes all organic cake flavors such as speculoos, cookies and sponge cakes.

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