Our dining rooms and shady terrace

A warm, comfortable restaurant with a beautiful shady terrace

At the center of the lovely Provençal village of Eygalières with its old-time charm there stands a 19th-century building under majestic micocoulier (hackberry) trees.

In this by now mythical place, a former farm for raising silkworms, a convivial, intimate restaurant has, over the course of time, settled in quite naturally.


Antique furnishings, large tables and comfy armchairs set the tone of utter refinement


A cozy atmosphere by the fireside

When the days turn too cold to stay outside, you will love the warm comfort of the dining rooms and their fire-places, snapping and crackling as you enjoy your meal. The restaurant has a 50s feel about it with broad bay windows overlooking the terrace outside. The walls are decorated with a collection of antique mirrors that reflect all the subtle lighting of the changing seasons.



A broad terrace in the shade of centennial micocoulier trees

The cuisine has blended with nature with an almost magical harmony.

The terrace is shaded from the sun by trees that are hundreds of years old and form a canopy of coolness under which it is so pleasant to enjoy a lunch or dinner.